The services that we offer will allow your current staff to focus on what you need them to. We can take the hours that your team spends each day and convert that time into productive work hours.

Senior Database Resources
Are your databases experiencing a critical issue? Do you need a DBA with years of experience and contacts that can help you move forward? The SQL on Call Service SWAT Team is designed to help you get your databases where you need them to be.
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Wellness Audit
An apple a day can keep the Doctor away, or an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Both statements are very true when working with your database. Let SQL on Call staff review your SQL Server and help you layout the action items that you need to avoid prolong downtime.
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Security Audit
No Matter if it's is SQL injection, new application development or day to day operations, security is no small matter. SQL on Call staff can help you prevent attacks or even navigate best practices informing you of potential loop holes.
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Performance Audit
Successful performance improvements start with an evaluation of current performance. This will lead to defined measures that will lend it to future improvements. SQL On Call performance audit will tell you where you are over taxing your database or underutilizing your system. This performance audit will put you one step ahead of the game.
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Proactive Maintenance
Databases are well known for running without any intervention beyond the initial installation and configuration. This allows for years of data collection without any issues, however if your databases are not being monitored you could be at risk of losing all the data your company relies on.
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Disaster Recovery Planning
Companies today are faced with the ever growing costs of Disaster Recovery Plans. The problem is navigating the obstacles and costs to a successful disaster recovery. Our unique 3 level plan will not only leave you ready for the impending outage to the rare situation where you may need to bring your data online in a different city.
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